Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I have worked alongside Sherri Baldy & Sher Brown for a long long time now with Scrapbook Stamp Society and all the other many many ventures finally running the UK Besties DT and have stuck through thick and thin what with all the "digi copying" sagas and lots of other long winded dilemas that have been on going for years.

I respected and admired Sherri's work and have used it in my projects for my own personal work and my Design Team samples for C&C TV work. In fact it was me who got the Besties shown on TV sample work and introduced Sherri to a freelance buyer for UK sale. Her sales in the UK just escalated from there and a lot of stepping stones were used from this initial contract .

However things behind the scenes have been getting worse and worse over the past few months and so I decided to step down from the team as UK DT co-ordinator and pass on the ropes to someone else.

I was begged to stay and said no as enough was enough

The UK team consisted of 8 members including myself. We were a happy bunch of besties but niggling issues had started to creep in. One BIGGIE is the fact that any project the UK team had made whether it be for blog hops or challenges were not shared on networking sites or promoted onto pages, like they are done with so so many other teams work. They also never appeared in any of the advertising for the Scrapbook Stamp Society newsletters. This is a bug bare when you create something for a someones business, you should get credit and exposure - isn't that what helping someones business is all about ???? As it is examples of what can be done with a product is what sells the product !!

Cross trafficing between the teams is something else that was tried to be introduced but again this was just swept under the carpet and not given any support or encouragement.

This then plants a seed of doubt that what you are doing is not worthy of exposure and not what "is wanted" as its different or unique or dare i say it out of the box of not being pink,fluffy and shabby chic !!

I also helped create different combinations of digi images for selling, this was a lot of my time and i gave up that time freely to do it as I wanted to broaden my own skills and try my hand at doing something different.
I came up with heaps of them and some  were basically poo pood by Sher and didn't even get shown to Sherri. The ones that did and made it into the shop,  i didn't get any thanks for. So i helped again to promote someones business and for what .....

I have other reasons for leaving but wish to keep them private and not made public.

When i decided to leave the team so did 4 others. Each one of those people were ignored until i strike back yesterday and now all of a sudden last night each one of them is being hounded to stay. It clearly takes a mass exodus and a shake up from within a  team to make people sit up and take notice of problems.
The person who agreed to take over from me as DT co-ordinator has now been told by Sherri last night to ask these people to stay also, thinking that a double whammy of "please stay" and a  plead by a new leader will make them feel sorry and reconsider their position.

This all boils down to people being used and I for one will not be used like that again.
I work on a DTs as i :-

  • like the products
  • want to help promote the products
  • like the incentives 
  • like and admire the people who concerned

not to be used as a door mat for their own exposure.

Well that is this mornings rant over.

Monday, 14 April 2014


Good morning

On the Creata challenge blog today we have a brand new challenge launching and the theme is MONOCHROME

I have chosen to show shades of the dark side using Creata black mirror card and a selection of dies.

I am entering this card into the following challenges

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and now please pop on over to the Creata blog and check out the rest of the DTs inspirational makes.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Good morning

Today i have to show you my first box card. Box cards seem to be showing everywhere so i thought id turn my hand to making one.

I have made this one using an A4 sheet of pink card, creased and scored it in half lengthways then into divided equal sections of 4 plus one small end section to be able to close and glue it all together.
It was cut down on all sections to the middle fold line so they folded back and flapped before glueing the small flap over the larger one to create the main box shape.

All sections were covered with Creata studio light and DCWV papers. The back section i used an extra length of card and paper to make it stronger for support and to keep it standing up.

3x Small 1" strips were attached to the inside of the box to act as supports for the elements to be attached to.

Creata joycrafts lampost die was cut using strong pearl card and mounted onto the back
The digi of "moi" from Sherri Baldy My Besties was coloured with spectrum makers and attached to the middle strip inside.

A poppy stamps cat die was cut in black mirror card and added to the support in the middle.

Creata joycrafts grass die was cut in mirror card and added to the front support

Creata fence, flowers and leaves were cut and added to the front of the box.

I have decorated all the sides, top and bottom with embellishments and bling and a sentiment on the front.

This is the inisde view showing the inner box supports and what is attached to what.

Creata joycrafts bird table die was cut from mirror card and mounted onto the back.
2x Tonic dies were cut in pink card and inked over with Pickled raspberry TH inks and stuck to the back support.

I have enjoyed making this new style creation so will definately be making more.

I am entering this project into the following challenges

Thanks for stopping by today

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